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Ten family hatchbacks that hold their value best

Are you sick of losing money just a few months after you have purchased your new car? Here at The Car Finance Company we have researched the top 10 cars that hold their value the most, take a look and let us know what you think.

10. Mazda 3 (2.2D 148bhp Sport (Nav) 5d H/b) - 50 per cent

According to Glass's, the Mazda 3 offers motorists Japanese dependency and a relatively low cost new price. WhatCar? say that the vehicle is good to drive, with sharp steering, agile handling and plenty of grip. It's a classy, stylish motor for families. The car also came fourth on the top ten list of reliable family cars.

Price: Brand new - £18,955. Price now - £9,525.

9. Kia Soul (1.6 124bhp 1 H/B 5d) - 51 per cent

The box-shaped design may not be to everyone's liking but this Kia has proved something of a quirky hit, according to Glass's. WhatCar? says the motor has lots of cabin space and a pretty generous list of standard equipment - although compared with other small hatchbacks, it's not particularly cheap to run - a downfall for cash-conscious families.

Price: Brand new - £10,295. Price now - £5,300.

8. Toyota Auris (1.4 D4-D 90bhp TR H/b 5d auto) - 53 per cent

Rather bland styling has not damaged the strong following for this car that benefits from a loyal customer base appreciative of good reliability, Glass's say. It's a sensible family choice - it was one of three Toyotas to make it on the top ten reliable family cars table last week, taking fifth position. WhatCar? says that the car benefits from a roomy cabin, ideal for families, and the five-year warranty is a boon. However, it also adds it looks 'dull' and it's 'pretty dull to drive'.

Price: Brand new - £14,845. Price now - £7,925.

7. Subaru Impreza (2.5 TURBO 325bhp WRX STI 330S 5d H/b) - 54 per cent

A car that defined a generation of petrol-heads, few cars match the sporting pedigree of the Impreza. The rally association means the Impreza will always ride high in the desirability stakes and command a good re-sale price. The price below is for a full-on sporty version, more refined and cheaper models are also available. The Impreza, which one-day may look like the new concept version illustrated below, may not seem like an ideal choice for a family motor, but a standard four-wheel drive and decent handling means that it makes it onto the list. 

Price: Brand new - £29,890. Price now - £16,075.

6. Seat Leon (2.0T FSI 237bhp Cupra K1 H/b 5d) - 55 per cent

High performance and a strong identity allows this model to stand head and shoulders above the more mainstream offerings, say Glass's. Savvy buyers know that this has VW underpinnings - making it reliable as well. WhatCar? says that the motor benefits from a spacious cabin - ideal for families.

Price: Brand new - £20,085. Price now - £11,000.

5. Suzuki SX4 (1.6 107bhp GLX 4GRIP H/b 5d) - 56 per cent

A pocket-sized and affordable compact vehicle with appealing looks - the combination of this good value and style makes it a winner, according to Glass's. WhatCar? say the Suzuki SX4 is good to drive, well equipped and attractively priced. The car gives you 4x4 looks without the high running costs.

Price: Brand new - £12,577. Price now - £7,000.

4. Honda Civic (2.2i-CTDi 138bhp SE+ Ltd Ed H/b 5d) - 56 per cent

This was the first generation of Civic that offered style and image in abundance combined with Honda's legendary reliability - it came second in the This is Money reliable family car report last week. It's a great looking small family car that is well built and according to WhatCar? it has one of the biggest boots in its class.

Price: Brand new - £15,985. Price now - £8,975.

3. Volkswagen Golf Plus (1.9TDI PD 105PS) Dune H/b 5d) - 59 per cent

Always the poor relation to the more conventionally-styled hatchback, the larger and more bulbous appearance of the Golf Plus limits it appeal. Nevertheless, limited new sales have ensured that few are available as used cars and this has kept prices high, according to Glass's.

Price: Brand new - £18,530. Price now - £10,875.

2. Ford Focus 2.5 (301bhp) RS H/b 3d - 65 per cent

If buyers are gravitating to cars which offer high levels of efficiency, then what's this 300bhp rally-derived monster doing here?  The 'RS' badge offers a clue. Like the iconic Escort Cosworth, RS Fords are sure-fire icons of the future, according to Glass's. The car is distinctive enough from the mainstream Focus's and the limited supply ensures the Focus RS keeps a very strong resale value. Although, this strictly isn't a family motor with such a high engine specification, it may be one for the older boy and girl racer mums and dads who want a handy hatchback and sports car performance.

Price: Brand new - £24,730. Price now - £15,975.

1. Volkswagen Golf (2.0TDI 170PS GTD H/b 3d) - 72 per cent of original value retained

Now to the winner, the Volkswagen Golf. Glass's say the Golf is an almost classless car and therefore an acceptable compromise if stepping down from a BMW, Audi or Mercedes but not that much of a stretch if you fancy something with more prestige than a Focus. This wide appeal keeps demand one step ahead of supply in spite of the fact that the Golf is a very common sight on our roads. The 1.4 litre model won the WhatCar? small family motor of the year last year - Glass's lists the hugely popular 2.0 diesel. Nearly 40 years after it first arrived, a Golf is still one of the most popular family cars currently available.

Price: Brand new - £21,675. Price now - £15,500.

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